Since 1985, GRICS has been developing, adapting and supporting the widest range of administrative, school and pedagogical management solutions tailored to the world of education.

Simplify your daily management operations

Our user-friendly administrative solution facilitates the exchange of information and optimizes day-to-day operations.

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Optimize your school management

Communication with parents, registration, student records, daycare services, transportation coordination… Improve your efficiency with integrated products and centralized data.

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Access a wealth of teaching resources

Invaluable tools! Access a database of tests, educational resources, a video collection, and information about training programs and career choices.

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Make informed decisions

A must! Complete, accurate and relevant data is available to help you make the best decisions that affect your organization.

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Integrated products

Take advantage of the data exchanged between all your products to eliminate silo work. Simplify your tasks, promote exchanges between sectors and improve everyone’s efficiency.

Solutions developed with users

Users like you are involved in the development of our products and are experimenting their functions to ensure that they meet specific, concrete and practical needs.

A universal portal

With Mozaïk-Portail, save time, maintain contact and easily share information between teachers, parents and students.

4 500 000

Number of payrolls produced annually in the public school system using our administrative solutions

182 760

More and more parents are connecting to Mozaïk-Portail to keep in touch with their child’s school

960 000

GRICS software solutions help Quebec schools manage their students’ files, including registrations, absences, reports, etc.