Simplify school management with a powerful and complete product suite specifically geared to the Quebec school system.

products especially designed for Quebec schools

benefit from adapted solutions

For more than 35 years, we have been working daily to develop solutions that help schools fulfill their mission. 

take advantage of a team that listens

We collaborate with users to ensure the solutions we develop are adapted to the realities and needs of the people working with students. 

benefit from a recognized Quebec solution

Mozaïk–School Management is used by most primary and secondary schools, as well as organizations offering adult and vocational training in Quebec. 

A complete suite that adapts to all school levels

better monitoring of students

The products in the Mozaïk-School Management suite allow you to collect all the information you need to track your students’ success.

easier information sharing

The Mozaïk-School Management suite includes all the tools and features needed to share information about students and make informed decisions. 

Always improving

Mozaïk-School Management is continually being improved and enhanced with new functions that benefit schools and users. 

Products included in the solution


Manage your school’s daycare simply and efficiently. See solution


Facilitate your fight against dropping out by promoting a preventive approach. See solution


Simplify school transportation management. See solution


Manage all aspects of school organization efficiently. See solution


Make daily work easier in your establishment. See solution


Make the re-registration process at your school as simple as possible. See solution


Simplify and automate transportation contract management. See solution


Manage your library or documentation centre. See solution


Efficiently manage all school organizational aspects. See solution