Discover our range of tools designed to simplify your daily administrative management.

all the essential tools for your administrative management

exchange information easily

Optimize your work by facilitating the transmission of information between critical areas of your organization’s management.


While we are specialists in software solutions for the education sector, we also offer unique and effective products for managing businesses in any sector. 

focus on continuous improvement

We are constantly improving Mozaïk–Administrative Management and enhancing it with new features that provide added value to institutions and users. 

The ultimate Quebec school network administrative suite

optimized daily operations

From optimizing work processes to simplifying the accounting charter and complying with collective agreements, everything is at your fingertips to reduce your workload.

simplified document management

Ensure the traceability, integrity, security and durability of all information within your organization. Automate the archiving and lifecycle management of your files and documents while complying with your legal obligations.

improved energy consumption

Facilitate your tracking, simplify your data entry process and analyze the energy consumption of your buildings to reduce your costs. Tracking and analyzing your energy consumption has never been easier!

Products included in the solution 


Reduce your energy costs. See solution

La Procure

Manage your school store. See solution


Simplify your administrative management. See solution


Manage your tax data and accounts receivable. See solution