Get your organization’s data out there to help you make informed decisions!

Constantly evolving


Always evolving, GRICS is actively working on the creation of tools that will be added to its new family, Mozaïk-Data. Well aware of the importance of providing our customers with secure, relevant and turnkey data, they will play a central role in our developments in the coming years.

Business intelligence at your service!


Be more proactive

With customized data, you will quickly find relevant answers to important questions about your organization.

Get more information

Mozaïk-Data is proactive and offers you information that reflects the reality of your organization.

Use predictive content

Given their accuracy, the data can provide you with recommendations specific to your environment.

Relevant data for your organization


Secured data

Already available, our APIs allow the safe and fast development of customized applications that meet your specific needs. You can accelerate your development speed while adhering to best security practices and respecting the integrity of your databases.

Data Valuation

When properly queried, the data can reveal major trends or provide predictive analysis that is relevant to the implementation of various organizational strategies. You can only benefit from a data centre for everyone, operated by everyone, for the benefit of all.

Security and governance

At GRICS, we understand the importance of giving you access to personalized data in a secure environment. Through precise categorization of the data, it will be possible to make it accessible to the various managers, depending on their role.

Identity and access management

Identity management will allow us to provide you with a product that can recognize each user and give them access to everything they are entitled to.

A partner of choice

In 2019, GRICS became the first partner of Quebec’s Artificial Intelligence ecosystem, Mila, in the primary and secondary education sector. In 2021-2022, a research project on academic success will be conducted to encourage the acceleration of innovations in education using artificial intelligence. In addition to stimulating discussions on deep learning and machine learning, this alliance allows the institute’s interns to join the ranks of GRICS to put forward their expertise in implementing predictive models using artificial intelligence.

Products included in the data management


View your data easily with a turnkey solution: reports, dashboards and ... See solution


Secure operations are ensured by self-serve data models. See solution


Elaborate locally-developed applications and connect complementary solutions. See solution

C.A.R. Dashboards

Improve your strategies for fostering academic success. See solution


Make it easier to make decisions and monitor academic success. See solution