GRICS offers clients a full range of peripheral services to keep our software solutions fully operational. These include installation and integration with existing client systems, as well as the development of add-ons when necessary.

Hand in hand with clients

Working closely with the client means delivering consulting services onsite and providing direct assistance to administrative, school and educational staff.

You can rely on our specialists for services as diverse as:

  • Personalized training
  • Optimization of installed software solutions and processes
  • Assistance for employees in performing their tasks
  • Collaboration in specific projects

Educational activities

Looking for stimulating and relevant educational training? We have the answer! Our training and support services are made to measure for all your educational activity needs. Whether you are planning a full-day event, a half-day program or an educational coffee break, our specialists can help.


We offer a range of training options for our software solutions. From the beginner looking to get started to the specialist who wants to refine her/his skills, we have the right training package. We can provide training at our offices or your workplace—it’s up to you. For all the information about the complete range of GRICS training options, visit:

Server hosting

GRICS can host the solutions we develop on equipment in our offices while you enjoy access from your workstation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Under this arrangement, the experts at GRICS look after installation of the applications, updates to new versions, management of the technological environment, backup copies, and more.


Our goal is to ensure optimal use of all our products. To achieve this, teams of specialists are available to serve our clients. We will answer your questions. Be sure to use our experts, they know how to help you get the most out of your software tools!

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