Mozaïk–Administrative Management

An integral part of the extensive GRICS family of education solutions, Mozaïk–Administrative Management provides all the tools required to manage an entire school board and its institutions.

Our most recent applications


Constellio is a document management platform integrating the information lifecycle. Featuring Business Intelligence functionality, it becomes an indispensable tool for complete management of your paper or electronic documents. Ensure traceability, integrity, security and continuity of all information within your organization while conforming to the laws in force.

To know more, visit the information page about Constellio (french)


A single platform and database that handles multiple business functions!
Financials, procurement, human resources and payroll all integrated into a single platform.

Mozaïk-AX is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, a user-friendly and reliable platform that has proven its value over many years. While this platform offers a powerful and dynamic range of tools, it is not specifically adapted to the needs of the education system. That’s where GRICS comes in: we provide all the adaptations required to meet the legislative, organizational and technical requirements of Québec’s school system.


Accessible from anywhere, the Mozaïk-AX Purchasing module is an invaluable tool not only for purchasers but for everyone involved in the procurement process. User-friendly and reliable, it tracks orders down to the last detail.

An indispensable tool for:

  • Management of current operations:
    • Purchase requests and orders
    • Supplier lists, calls for tenders and price requests
    • Electronic submissions
    • and much more
  • Inventory of furniture, equipment and tools
  • Link with SIMACS
  • Procurement policy tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Bulk purchase management

A multitude of benefits:

  • Integration with the Finances module
  • Product catalogue with images
  • Importing of supplier price lists
  • Centralized or decentralized management structure
  • Customizable approval mechanism with digital signature
  • Change and approvals history
  • Invoice generation and credit note management


The Mozaïk-AX Finances module simplifies financial management and increases productivity by facilitating collaboration among everyone involved and tracking tasks more coherently.

Through links with the procurement, human resources and payroll functions, the Finances module saves time and streamlines the process.

Standard features:

  • Capital assets
  • General ledger and bank reconciliation
  • Management of accounts payable and receivable
  • Management of travel and living expenses
  • Payroll tracking
  • Budget management
  • Accountability

…and new possibilities:

  • Workflows
  • Collection follow-up
  • Deferred revenues
  • Personalized invoices
  • Simplified chart of accounts
  • Flexible and traceable budget allocation measures
  • Account statements issued by email

Payroll and HR

Versatile yet powerful, the Payroll and HR module simplifies life for human resource management professionals. An integral part of Mozaïk-AX, the Payroll and HR module is linked to the Finances and Purchasing modules so that essential information is readily shared through access to a common database.

In addition to the usual human resource and payroll management functions, the Payroll and HR module offers exciting new possibilities:

  • Scalable provincial configuration for compliance with legislation and collective agreements
  • Operational aids that guide the user through the process for filling positions and transferring staff while ensuring the quality of the data entered
  • Graphs that accelerate decision making
  • Scheduling as a cornerstone of HR activities
  • Simple and rapid management of leave
  • List of hiring priorities incorporated into the employee replacement process
  • Qualification matching to identify candidates meeting the requirements of a given position
  • Creation and electronic storage of written communications pertaining to an employee’s file

Helios (Building Energy Efficiency)

By combining ease of use with performance, Helios enables managers to effortlessly reach their energy cost reduction objectives. Use it to:

  • Verify invoices
  • Appraise rates
  • Generate management reports (history, unit cost, cost per building, etc.)
  • Conduct simulation optimization exercises
  • Prepare budgets based on different hypotheses


Our others solutions

GRDS (Service Request Management)

As a complementary module to ACHAT, Service Request Management (GRDS) is an essential tool for any school board or school looking for an easy and effective means of managing service requests issued anywhere on their territory.

GRDS has 3 main components:

  • Request management
  • Maintenance plan
  • Computing equipment

GRDS simplifies the management of requests, manpower and materials, and issues service requests online.

Note: GRDS can also be integrated into PAIE & GRH and the Inventory Management and Stores Management modules of ACHAT.

Procure (La)

Management of supplies and fees in the adult and vocational education sectors

La Procure offers general adult and vocational education centres all the tools needed to manage their store simply and efficiently. La Procure provides detailed tracking of:

  • Material sold
  • Material on loan
  • Rentals
  • Purchase patterns
  • Invoice follow-up

Links with other modules

  • Permanent links to ACHAT - Inventory management
  • Permanent links to TOSCA - Student records
  • Permanent links to TOSCA - Group management
  • Links to DOFIN for financial data

SIMACS (SARRA, by GES Technologies)

Computer system for managing school board property assets

The Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport (MERS) offers school boards a building management application called SIMACS (SARRA) owned by GES Technologies. As the authorized distributor, GRICS works in partnership with GES Technologies to implement the project.

The two companies share the responsibility as follows:

  • Server hosting

    GRICS provides the required hosting infrastructure for the central SIMACS server for all users.

  • Training

    GRICS looks after logistics and coordination for training sessions on the software while GES Technologies provides training on property asset management.

  • Client support

    GRICS provides direct support for clients on the use of the software. GES Technologies provides additional technical support by telephone for all other aspects of engineering (prototype identification, data capture protocol, etc.). GES Technologies also provides all technical documentation pertaining to data entry (training guide, prototypes repertory, data capture forms, etc.).

  • Software development

    Since GRICS does not have access to the product’s source code, which is held in trust, GES Technologies is responsible for any software development to correct problems or improve the product.

For further information about SIMACS or its installation within school boards, please contact your GRICS representative.

TFP (Taxation, billing and collection solution)

TFP is the perfect solution for managing taxation data, producing invoices (annual or revised) and taking full control of the collection and management of accounts receivable.


Optional TFP module

With its integrated browsing tool, the TFP–Internet module can be used to search for information about property taxes and rates. The application selects information to display about accounts receivable by user type: visitor, property owner, real estate agent, authorized payer or notary.

TFP–Goods and Services

Optional TFP module

Easily create any type of invoice! Billing, accounts receivable, collection and allocation—DOFIN makes the job easy!

Types of invoice:

  • Room or gymnasium rental
  • Retiree insurance
  • School fees
  • School transportation
  • Union activities
  • And more
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