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GRICS offers a wide range of software and solutions to support academic institutions in their educational mission. Student record management, tools to reduce student dropout rates, human resource management, daycare services, educational technology—we can simplify every aspect of your daily operations.

Are you familiar with our solutions :

Primary and secondary school record management

AVANT-GARDE (Daycare service management)

How many students use daycare services and how many require supervision at lunch time? AVANT-GARDE is always ready to meet your needs through effective management of all daycare operations (student records, daycare and activity fees, invoicing, deposits, receivables, tax receipts, and more). In addition, AVANT-GARDE is linked directly with the school’s GPI database, so no information ever gets lost!

GPI (Primary and secondary student record management)

GPI is a centralized system for managing all information about students. Everything from grades to timetables, to school supplies, to absences can be recorded. Authorized school staff can view and record information.

Principals, teachers, secretaries, specialists—all authorized staff can use GPI.
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School record management for adult education and vocational training centres

La Procure (Management of school supplies for vocational training and adult education)

Managing school supplies efficiently is quite a feat, but La Procure is there to help you to achieve just that. With the possibility of permanent links to several other modules (ACHAT, TOSCA and DOFIN), La Procure provides all the tools adult education and vocational training centres need to efficiently and easily manage school supplies (sales, loans and rentals; current usage; invoicing, etc.).

TOSCA (Student record management for adult education and vocational training centres)

When it comes to adult education and vocational training, TOSCA has all the tools you need for complete, flexible and reliable management of student records. TOSCA has the versatility to handle nonstandard management methods, such as individual training, as well as more traditional approaches.

Principals, teachers, secretaries and specialists—all authorized staff can use TOSCA.
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Educational support


The Mozaïk-Portal platform brings together everyone involved for the common goal of fostering student success. The solution includes a full range of tools that facilitate collaboration and communication among schools, teachers, parents and students.
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BIM (Bank of evaluation tools)

BIM provides a series of adapted tools to evaluate primary and secondary students as well as adults in both general and vocational programs. The bank comprises numerous ready-to-use evaluation scenarios adapted to the reformed curriculum for all primary and secondary cycles.
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Carrefour éducation (Educational resources)

Interested in relevant, validated resources that facilitate and enhance the development of student skills? The Carrefour éducation website offers kindergarten, primary and secondary teachers FREE, rapid and efficient access to an impressive number of educational support resources.
Visit the Carrefour éducation website.

CVE (Connecting Videos to Education)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of thousands of videos! CVE is a collection of quality audiovisual documents that are closely linked to the Training Program for Québec Schools. Available online, CVE features a search engine, excerpts, support documents and downloading—everything you need to bring your teaching to life.
Visit the CVE website (Connecting Videos to Education).

Mon profil en lecture (Diagnostic reading assessment)

Assessing students’ reading and writing skills is not always easy. The Mon profil en lecture tool (available in French only) identifies students’ reading strengths and weaknesses by comparing their results with a reference group of students the same age. Possible courses of remedial action are also suggested.

REPÈRES and its interactive components (Academic and professional information)

A single website where you can find EVERYTHING (careers, training, job placement statistics, etc.) to help students connect their academic path with career opportunities. REPÈRES even includes a “Webfolio” that records students’ research and explorations throughout their school years. In addition, students can use REPÈRES to access a series of dynamic interactive career guidance activities (Lazuli, J’me PIF un secondaire!, Mon PIF PRO!, Un PIF BRANCHÉ!, SOS – School Orientation Strategies (CURSUS), Exploration of professions by subject area, and IVIP – Visual inventory of career interests).
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Track and foster success

Lumix (tracking success)

Our data warehouse and dashboard software makes tracking student success a snap. It can accumulate and aggregate data from student record management software in order to mine the data and prepare relevant statistical analyses for the school. An astronomical quantity of data is saved in a format that allows for quick searches and analyses of relevant information.

QES-Web (Socio-educational environment questionnaire)

Developing a portrait of a school’s socio-educational environment is a difficult task. QES-Web is the fruit of a partnership agreement between GRICS and the Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ). Different versions of the questionnaire target either staff or students at both the primary and secondary levels. The data collected is used to compare the perspectives of the different client groups and identify courses of action.

Logiciel de dépistage du décrochage scolaire

Developed through a partnership between GRICS and the Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ), this online software is designed to screen for students at risk of dropping out and to determine their risk category (uninterested/low motivation, behavioural problems, antisocial covert behaviour, depression).

Simplify document management

Constellio (Document management)

Constellio is a document management platform that follows the information lifecycle. Featuring business intelligence features, it is an indispensable tool for complete management of paper and electronic documents. It ensures traceability, integrity, security and sustainability of all your organization’s information, as well as compliance with all applicable legislation.
To learn more, visit the Constellio information page (in French)

Regard (Library management)

Looking to introduce a book to your students or reserve one for an upcoming visit to your school library? There’s a very good chance that you’ll be using REGARD, the one tool used to manage all library resources from books to CDs and even Internet links!

Simplify human resource management

Payroll and human resources

Our payroll and human resources software comprises several complementary modules that are fully integrated. The application is designed for total management of employee files while ensuring data is valid and secure.

We are currently redeveloping our payroll and human resources solution.
Visit the Mozaïk-AX section to learn more.

Manage your resources more efficiently


From purchasing to service requests, material resource management is made easy with our fully integrated products designed to meet the needs of staff assigned to these tasks.

We are currently redeveloping our purchasing solution.
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Our financial solutions save you time and money by providing authorized persons full access to data. In addition, when you need information to be decentralized, all it takes is an Internet connection.

We are currently redeveloping our financial solution.
Visit the Mozaïk-AX section to learn more.

GRDS (Service request management)

A toilet is leaking… a door is broken… a strong wind has caused some damage: GRDS tracks every service request. Available online, GRDS allows you to create and manage all your service requests.

Training with you in mind

Product training

We can design training on all our products customized to your needs. Whether you are interested in onsite or distance training, we can help you get the most out of the tools you use every day. Just contact our support teams with your requirements, and they will be pleased to help you.

Office 365

Office 365 includes a multitude of tools to help teachers, administrative staff and students work more effectively and productively. Here is just a sample of the products available on the Windows 365 platform.
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Professional development

Always on the lookout for relevant and interesting educational training activities? Look no further! Our training and support services are personalized to suit your professional development needs. Whether you are interested in a half-day or full-day of training or a more casual get-together, our specialists are ready to serve you.

Interactive whiteboards

Let us show you how to get the most out of this exciting new state-of-the-art teaching tool. We’ll help you create exciting interactive activities, develop dynamic educational games, get students more actively involved, and much more.
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