Édukathon - A successful first edition! - GRICS

From May 24 to 26, 2019, the first Édukathon organized by GRICS was held; a programming marathon (hackathon) that brought together more than 25 participants from various backgrounds: school boards, universities, Minister of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) and GRICS.

The objective of this first edition was fully achieved as the event made it possible to develop several innovative solutions that could eventually make their way into the classes of primary and secondary school students.

The theme for the teams was  « How to strengthen communication and collaboration between students, parents and school stakeholders using digital tools and resources? »

Participants showed great ingenuity and perseverance in meeting the challenge and proposing new ways to communicate and collaborate. They were able to put their ideas into practice and create a prototype in just over 24 hours. This is quite an achievement considering the quality of the solutions proposed.

The winners

Among all the projects proposed, three prizes were awarded. You can see the photos of the winners on our Facebook page.

JAVA Team – 1st prize (2000 $)
  • Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys
  • Participants :
    • Artur Madjidov
    • Aurélie Léao
    • Jacques Blanchette
    • Vincent Gagnon
  • Project : Creation of a “School assistant” application for parents. Includes voice interaction (Alexa) and multilingual translation for texts.


  • Commission scolaire des Affluents
  • Participants :
    • Guillaume Chabot
    • Jean-Simon Tanguay
    • Brian Corriveau
    • Maxime Pelletier
  • Projet : News wire communication tool integrated into Mozaïk-Portail. Allows the editing of messages directly in the platform.


  • Participants :
    • Olivier Desautels
    • Nicolas Hudon
    • Jessy Sicard
    • Sylvain Desautels
  • Projet : Mobile application such as a logbook that allows students to communicate with their teachers about their studies (homework, lessons, exams, comments).


At the next « groupe des gestionnaires des technologies » (GGT) on June 11, we will review the Edukathon and highlight the winning projects.

Thanks to the MEHE

GRICS would like to thank the MEHE for its financial contribution to the project. With this support, participants were able to enjoy an event that allowed them to use their imagination and skills to improve the daily lives of school workers.

Thank to all the participants, speakers, jury members and collaborators who made this event a success.