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Information bulletin No 32 - March 21, 2012

Corporate News

Appointment Notices - Products Division

Société GRICS is pleased to announce the appointment, on February 8, of Nathalie Tremblay as Product Owner of the HR component of the administrative suite of software based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.  Ms. Tremblay's experience as Product Owner of JADE-TOSCA and AVANT-GARDE and her dynamism and leadership qualities augur well for her success in this new role.

On February 9, 2012, Mr. Dany Desrosiers was appointed Product Owner of JADE-TOSCA and AVANT-GARDE. His new responsibilities will give him the opportunity to draw on his breadth of experience in adult education and his in-depth knowledge of the business world, as well as on his demonstrated leadership abilities.

On March 5, Ms. Danielle Filion succeeded M. Jean-Yves Binette as Product Owner of the Paie 3 - HR team. Ms. Filion previously held the post of team Scrum Master in Paie 3 - HR.  Mr. Binette has chosen to pursue his work on Paie 3 - HR in the Development Division.

We extend to all of them our congratulations and best wishes for success in their new posts.

We invite you to consult our list of products and product owners for more details.

Société GRICS Sells Its Municipal Assets

On February 29, 2012, Société GRICS completed the sale of its municipal assets to GFI Business Solutions Inc. These assets include the municipal components of LUDIK, TFP, HELIOS and REGARD.

It should be noted that Société GRICS retains ownership of TFP, HELIOS and REGARD and continues to be the exclusive provider of services regarding these products in the education domain.

We invite you to refer to the official February 29, 2012 release for further details. You can also contact your representative, or customer service at (514) 251-3730 or

In-house Implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Software Platform at Société GRICS

Last October, Société GRICS began the internal implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software platform. The first phase of the project called for the replacement of the DOFIN and ACHAT systems by the new ERP Finance and Procurement modules. This work was carried out by internal Société GRICS teams, who ensured its delivery for the new fiscal year.

The teams dedicated to the Finance and Procurement modules have completed the creation of the new chart of accounts and the revision of business procedures and practices. The Procurement module was implemented on March 5 and the Finance module will be implemented in the near future. Congratulations to those whose sustained efforts are ensuring that the project is being carried out in compliance with schedule and budget guidelines.

The Billing module will be the next phase to be worked on in the implementation process, starting this spring.

User Satisfaction Surveys - Results Updated on the Bulletin Board

As you know, Société GRICS regularly sends satisfaction surveys to users of its products.

The calendar of upcoming surveys has been updated, and the results of previous surveys, including GPI results, are now available online on the Société GRICS bulletin board - check them out today!

For more information, we invite you to contact your local representative.

Updates on our Products and Services

Online Training Sessions: New Facilities at Société GRICS

Last October, two new classrooms equipped with VIA eSolutions video and web conferencing equipment were set up at Société GRICS. These new facilities allow Société GRICS to meet the growing demand for distance learning.

An overview of Société GRICS training statistics since 2011 reveals steady growth over the months in the number of online training sessions. For example, there were 8 distance learning courses for February 2011 while 39 were held in February 2012.

Distance learning can add up to real savings in time, as well as savings in travel and accommodation expenses.  Moreover, it brings together, in one real-time learning space, participants from all over Québec.

For more information about Société GRICS online training sessions, please consult the training calendar. For inquiries about training sessions, please contact the training team.

Rate Adjustments for 2012-2013

Société GRICS recently informed its clients of the rate adjustments for 2012-2013. On March 1st, 2012, consulting, custom development and training services fees were increased by 2,1 %. A 2,1%nbsp;% adjustment, applicable to all Société GRICS products, will come into effect on July 1st, 2012.

Please see the official March 1st, 2012 release on this topic for further details, or refer to the simulated annual invoice that was recently sent to you by your representative.

Société GRICS Administrative Suite of Software: Update on the Reinvention Process

The development of the new ERP Finance module, which will replace DOFIN, is moving along steadily. A first version of the structure of the chart of accounts has been developed. The first module in development concerns fixed assets. In the coming weeks, the work team will examine reports required by school boards regarding fixed assets and will validate the reports available in AX.

The work team has enlisted the expertise of experienced Dynamics AX implementation consultants to accelerate the learning of Finance functionalities and to optimize the use of relevant features.

With respect to testing, the members of the Advisory and User Committees are fine-tuning the strategy in line with the availability and gradual implementation of the modules.  Experimenters who will test the new modules have been informed about the development process. The experimental environment is hosted at Société GRICS, while DOFIN remains with the school boards.

For the human resources component of the new ERP suite, development of the HR module is underway. The team is currently working on the vision framework, and a consultative committee is being set up.

The development and testing of the new ERP components involve the participation of users and tools, and modes of communication are being developed to promote feedback and productive exchanges.

For more information regarding the latest developments in the Finance and Human resources modules, please contact the Products team.

Version 3.14 of the Edu-group Portal - Now Available

Version 3.14 of the Edu-group Portal was recently made available.

This version of the portal includes several new features such as drag-and-drop selection of files and attachments, and new functions within the calendar module to manage room and facilities reservations. In addition, new functionalities in the parents' personal space provide easier access to a range of information of interest to them.

Half-day videoconference training sessions devoted exclusively to this version of Edu-group Portal are now available.

For more information. please contact your representative.


Events and Activities

Spring 2012 Conferences

Have a look at the list of conferences in which Société GRICS will be taking part this spring.

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