A unique company

GRICS, unique in more than one aspect

The least that can be said about GRICS is that it is very different from the other companies active in the education sector and conventional information technology firms.

Unique for its mission GRICS has a mission to put its expertise and leadership in information technologies to satisfy the pedagogical and administrative needs of its members and clients.

Unique for its specialists GRICS employees (more than 300) include the largest concentration of information technology specialists in the field of education in Canada.

Unique for its products and services GRICS offers more than 70 products and a very wide variety of services that are used by every type of school board and training facility in Quebec.

Unique for its business model Non-profit organizations that are managed by their clients are relatively rare in this area of activity. Since 1985, Quebec school boards, the Company’s main clients, have taken charge of the organization and sit on its board of directors.

Unique for its customer relations The organizations that call on GRICS are not only clients, they are also partners.

Please see our corporate profile for more details.

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