Mozaïk–Educational Tools

Mozaïk–Educational Tools features a range of tools and solutions to help teachers with their work and foster student success. There are four modules:

Banque d’instruments de mesure (BIM)

Skills Assessment

Banks of tests and questionnaires designed for the staff of educational organizations:

  • Teachers
  • Guidance counsellors
  • Educational service managers
  • School administrators

These are useful for assessing student learning in the following sectors:

  • General training for young people (FGJ)
  • Vocational training (FGA)
  • General training for adults (FP)

Visit the BIM Web site for more details.

Carrefour éducation

Educational Resources

The mission of Carrefour éducation is to provide kindergarten, primary and secondary teachers quick, efficient and free access to relevant, validated resources that facilitate and enrich the development of student skills.

View all the resources at the Carrefour éducation website.

CVE (Connecting Videos to Education)

Connecting Videos to Education

This library of quality audiovisual resources closely parallels the educational programs in Québec schools. All the videos are indexed to correspond with the Ministry program. CVE is offered in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport and the Ministry of Higher Education. A subscription includes access for all of the school’s staff and students!



The official site for academic and career planning information, is a virtual centre providing access to accurate and relevant career choice and professional integration information.

Younger students and adults will find everything they need to make informed decisions about vocational training and career paths. Repères is also a valuable resource for school guidance counsellors, as well as for the job market and human resource professionals.

Repères also includes a variety of activities and tools that provide useful educational and vocational information:

Mon Webfolio and user’s guide
Students can use this interactive tool’s three-step process to develop an online portrait of themselves as a future worker:

  • Connaissance de soi: Learn to recognize your strengths, limitations, values and achievements
  • Connaissance du marché: Explore career opportunities and learn what employers expect
  • Mon projet en action: Develop an action plan to get your career project going

Mon Webfolio will prepare students for future professional challenges! Developed in collaboration with the Service de placement de l’Université Laval and in partnership with Industrial Alliance, ASSS de la Capitale-Nationale and the Counselling Foundation of Canada.

Exploration of professions by subject area
This activity helps to match the subjects taught in secondary 1 and 2 with trades and professions.

Visual inventory of career interests (IVIP)
An instrument to assess career interests and a tool to help young people and adults lacking education learn more about themselves and the work environment.

An interactive tool to help students transition from primary school to high school. For students in the 3rd cycle (grades 5 and 6).

The PIF Series (Individualized educational plans)
J'me PIF un secondaire! (Secondary 1 and 2)
Mon PIF pro! (Secondary 3)
Un PIF branché! (Secondary 4 and 5)

SOS (School Orientation Strategies)
A complementary search tool for academic and career information designed for students enrolled in Secondary 4, Secondary 5, Cegep or an employability program.

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