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Solutions that simplify administrative management!

GRICS offers a complete range of solutions and services for easy management of your centre. From human resources to transportation and procurement, rely on GRICS for all your needs!

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Our solutions

Payroll and human resources

Our payroll and human resources software comprises several complementary modules that are fully integrated. The application is designed for total management of employee files while ensuring data is valid and secure.

We are currently redeveloping our payroll and human resources solution.
Visit the Mozaïk-AX section to learn more.

Finances and taxation

Our financial solutions save you time and money by providing authorized persons full access to data. In addition, when you need information to be decentralized, all it takes is an Internet connection.

We are currently redeveloping our financial solution.
Visit the Mozaïk-AX section to learn more.


From purchasing to service requests, material resource management is made easy with our fully integrated products designed to meet the needs of staff assigned to these tasks.

We are currently redeveloping our purchasing solution.
Visit the Mozaïk-AX section to learn more.


Our transportation solutions fully manage all sector operations (budgeting, route planning, student registration, etc.). With a direct link to school databases, planning bus routes couldn’t be easier. Service providers can even be authorized to print lists online. Learn more...


Whether you need to manage large volumes of electronic documents or an entire library, we have just the right tools. Learn more...

Student record management

Whatever your school’s clientele—children (primary or secondary) or adults (general education or vocational training)—we can provide complete, integrated student record management tools. Report cards, timetables, student cards, daycare services, school supplies, personalized follow-up…every aspect of student records is handled efficiently. Learn more...

Pedagogical support tools

Pedagogical tools are becoming increasingly important in a connected world! GRICS has developed several tools to support teachers in the classroom: an educational portal, a bank of skill testing scenarios, a virtual centre for academic and professional information, diagnostic assessments, and more. Learn more...

Our services

Support and consulting services

The staff at GRICS includes many academic professionals who can provide a range of educational, administrative and technological services. Our specialists deliver support right where you are, whatever the nature of your problem or need. Learn more...


Every year, GRICS trains hundreds of individuals on our own solutions and on other software widely used in the education system. GRICS instructors offer training at our offices or go onsite if you require training for a group of employees. Learn more...

Telephone support

Our support teams can help you get the most out of your software. Just pick up the phone to ask them any questions you may have about our applications. Learn more...

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